What Is McDonald's Business Structure?

The McDonald's business structure in the United States includes a physical segmentation of McDonald's restaurants into four regions: northeast, south, central and west, as of October 2014. Under the supervision of a McDonald's USA president, each regional president oversees local operations, which gives them greater control in catering to the needs of consumers within each region. This allows for a more specialized production approach, creating menus tailored to social, economic and nutritional values of those consumers.

The domestic business structure allows for an overhaul in management roles and responsibilities. Instead of an increased number of affiliated management positions, McDonald's is taking the approach of having less management. According to Mike Andres, President of McDonald's USA, this structure reduces conflicting voices and opinions about business operations, ranging from menu planning and marketing to financial expenditures.

McDonald's shift in focus also allows them to listen to consumers and create transparency in their food production, offering nutritional information, and inviting customer inquiries and concerns. The new business structure also includes digital technology, letting consumers place orders, as well as view menus and nutritional information electronically.