Why Is Math Important in Society?

Math allows many things in society to function properly. Bridges, medicine, architecture, cars, farming, finances and much more require the use of mathematics. Without math, humans would not have come as far as they have in society. Everyone, from engineers to philosophers, uses math in many pursuits, and it is an integral part of any society.

Math is something that finds its way into many areas of human interaction and business life. Some common examples of math being implemented in professional life are found when a doctor uses math to prescribe medicine or a school teacher calculates grades for a class. When individuals study math, they enhance and increase their career options. There are not many things in the modern job market that do not require math skills. Understanding basic and high school math is required for many secretary jobs, where data entry is a key factor. Math is also used in construction, shipping, sailing, racing, cooking, saving and investing money, and a multitude of other things that help make society function the way it does. Math has been used in impressive ways for thousands of years and will likely continue to be something that almost everyone uses outside the classroom.