What Math Classes Do You Need in High School to Be a Nurse?


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High school prerequisite math classes that are required to get into nursing school are elementary and intermediate algebra and geometry. Some nursing schools may allow students to complete these math courses in remedial classes while attending a non-nursing college. Other important high school classes related to the nursing profession are biology, chemistry, physics, social studies and English.

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Nursing school applicants are usually expected to complete one college level math prerequisite, passing with a grade of C or better. Math is regularly used in the field of medicine to calculate prescription dosages and administer medication to patients. Math plays a role in medical charts and graphs, and in determining the body mass index. On the job, nurses use ratios and proportions to determine the correct dosage of medicine to give a patient. Algebra helps nurses quickly make shortcut calculations when required.

Applicants to nursing school face tough competition for the few slots available. Therefore, the applicant should aim to do well in math, sciences and other disciplines. In addition to coursework, nursing school administrators seek applicants who stay actively involved in community activities and who show leadership skills. Applicants improve their chances of getting admitted when they take time to complete all application questions and turn in compelling essays.

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