What Materials Are Good for Parking Permit Stickers?

What Materials Are Good for Parking Permit Stickers?

Some good materials for parking permit stickers include vinyl, static cling and see-through film, notes My1Stop.com. Parking stickers are also referred to as parking decals.

Parking permits are generally used by business premises to implement parking policies and ensure that only authorized automobiles are taking up valuable parking space. These decals are designed to be placed on a vehicle's surface for optimal visibility. Parking permits typically come in two forms: parking stickers or hang tags. Parking stickers are usually created using rugged vinyl, although some parking decals are printed on clear static cling without the use of any adhesive.

My1Stop.com offers consumers its standard materials for parking permit stickers, which include white and clear vinyl, removable white and clear vinyl, reflective vinyl and static cling parking decal material. The white or clear vinyl is inexpensive and can last up to seven years when placed on the exterior of a vehicle. This type of material adheres to irregular surfaces such as windshield curves.

The highly plasticized nature of the 7.5 clear static cling type of material makes it easy to attach onto clean, flat surfaces. Once applied, the sticker can also be easily removed and re-used several times. This material is specifically designed for interior applications only.

CarStickers.com also offers shoppers a wide selection of parking sticker materials. The company's white vinyl, which is its most popular product in this category as of 2015, is most suitable for external applications, particularly on vehicles with tinted windows. In terms of durability, this type of material can last up to five years, notes CarStickers.com.