What Does the Material Safety Data Sheet Say About Bleach?


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The Material Safety Data Sheet for Clorox Regular Bleach states that its recommended use is for laundry, household disinfecting and sanitizing, and that it has been listed as a hazardous chemical by the 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. The Material Safety Data Sheet also states that bleach is a thin liquid with a clear, pale yellow appearance that can cause serious eye damage and skin burns upon contact. As a precaution, bleach users should wash face, hands and skin exposed during use as well as wear protective clothing and eye gear, according to The Clorox Company.

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The Material Safety Data Sheet for Clorox Regular Bleach advises to rinse the mouth and call poison control immediately if the bleach is ingested. Anyone who swallows bleach should not induce vomiting. Skin and eyes should be flushed with water upon contact, and contact lenses and contaminated clothes should be removed. If bleach is inhaled, a person should move to fresh air and call a doctor if breathing becomes affected, reports The Clorox Company.

Bleach, chemical name Sodium Hypochlorite, reacts with household cleaners like rust remover, toilet cleaners, acids and ammonia and should never be used with them. If mixed, hazardous gases like chlorine could be produced.

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