What Are Some MassHealth Health Care Providers?

What Are Some MassHealth Health Care Providers?

MassHealth delivers health care to more than 1 million low- and medium-income residents in Massachusetts through providers such as Health New England, Tufts Health Plan and CeltiCare Health Care Plus. MassHealth is the state's combined Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program, according to the Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists and other health care providers from across the state belong to various networks organized by the individual health plans. For example, Cambridge Hospital, Cape Cod Hospital and Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital provide critical care and other services through the Boston Medical Center Health Net plan, according to the plan's website.

CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid pharmacies provide services to MassHealth patients in the Boston area as well as across the state, according to the CeltiCare Plus insurance plan website. Independently owned pharmacies such as Kornfield Drug and Whittier Health Pharmacy in Roxbury are also approved MassHealth providers.

Dentists such as Julia Fagel and orthodontist John P. Burke in the Lowell area provide oral health care to patients under MassHealt, according to the Health New England insurance plan.

Specialist care is also available through MassHealth, such as the Caring Health Center, Behavioral Health Center and the Gandara Mental Health Center in Springfield. These facilities deliver mental health care to MassHealth patients through the Tufts Health Plan, according to the plan's website.