What Is Massey Ferguson Hydraulic Oil Used For?


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Massey Ferguson hydraulic oil is used for agricultural equipment such as backhoes, tractors and combine harvesters. In general, hydraulic oil is used to power pieces of hydraulic machinery.

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Massey Ferguson specializes in the production of farm vehicles and equipment. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of farm equipment in the country. Find the nearest Massey Ferguson dealer by searching on masseyferguson.us to obtain Massey Ferguson hydraulic oil, as it is not readily available online as of October 2015.

Massey Ferguson brand hydraulic oil is made to go with the agricultural machinery and equipment that the company manufactures. Hydraulic oil, or, as it is more commonly referred to, hydraulic fluid, is based on mineral oil, water or some kind of waste. Generally, hydraulic fluid consists of one of these bases and a combination of other components, which are either chemically-derived or biodegradable depending upon the product and the location it is used in. These components include rapeseed, glycol, esters and silicone oils.

Hydraulic fluid works best in hydraulic systems when it has no compressibility. In addition to powering hydraulic machinery, this fluid helps to protect the individual parts of the machinery in all hydraulic systems. It also functions as a lubricant, sealant and a medium for heat transfer, as well as improving the pump efficiency of the machine.

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