What Are Some Massage Slogans?

Ultimately, a massage slogan should communicate to potential customers the importance of receiving a massage. With slogans that include alliteration, the catchiness of the slogan itself is what customers remember. The slogan "Relax, renew, revive" depends on this method. "Look good and live longer" is also an example of alliteration in a massage slogan.

Some of the best massage slogans are those that connect with the potential customer, offer a tangible benefit and are catchy. The slogan should make it clear that a massage makes life better.

Using tangible benefits is the best way to get a potential customer's attention, and many of the most successful local massage business use this technique. A slogan such as "A tranquil experience, through caring hands" lets the customer know that she'll leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and cared for. "Essential balance, massage and wellness" communicates that the staff understands the mind-body connection.

Clever slogans can also work quite well when it comes to generating new clients. "We can?t wait to get our hands on you" is a clever slogan that is sure to get attention. "It's nice to be kneaded" and "Well-being for every body" use words in unexpected ways that requires potential customers to take a second look.