What Is the Massachusetts Inheritance Tax Rate?


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As of 2015, Massachusetts does not have an inheritance tax, according to the Tax Foundation. However, Massachusetts does have an estate tax, which ranges between tax rates of 0.8 percent and 16 percent. Estates worth $1 million or less are exempt from the estate tax.

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Inheritance taxes and estate taxes are often confused, but they are not the same type of tax, explains About.com. Inheritance taxes apply to the person who receives the decedent's property, while estate taxes apply to the decedent's property itself.

While the federal exemption for estate taxes is nearly $6 million, according to the Tax Foundation, Massachusetts only provides a $1 million exemption. The exemption discrepancy started in 2003, when the Massachusetts estate tax program decoupled from the federal estate tax program, explains the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

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