What Is the Mass Arms Co.?

What Is the Mass Arms Co.?

According to Reference.com, the Massachusetts Arms Company was a manufacturer of firearms and firearm-related products from about 1849 through the early 20th century. The Massachusetts Arms Company was incorporated on March 5, 1850 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, states Reference.com.

The Massachusetts Arms Company was founded by Arthur Savage, Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, explains Reference.com. The company produced several notable firearms during its existence, but was closed permanently as a result of the Great Depression, according to Wikipedia.

Reference.com notes that Christian Sharps, who was the creator of the first commercially successful breech-loading rifle, transferred the manufacture of his first rifle to the company in 1849 or 1850. In 1851, Colt's Manufacturing Company founder Samuel Colt filed and won a historic patent infringement lawsuit against the Massachusetts Arms Company, according to Reference.com.

Wikipedia states that the company was forced to limit its revolver production to relatively unpopular designs by Edward Maynard until Colt's patent expired in 1857. Also in 1857, the Massachusetts Arms Company received a contract to manufacture Adams revolvers under license for the U.S. government. Around 500 of these revolvers were produced and used in the U.S. Civil War, states Reference.com.

Following the closure of the Massachusetts Arms Company, co-founders Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson went on to create Smith & Wesson, one of the largest firearms producers in the United States today, according to Wikipedia.