What Is a Marketing Plan Template?


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A marketing plan template is a resource used to create a marketing plan for a business. A marketing plan template enables marketers to identify target consumers and create products that satisfy the needs of such customers. It also helps a business to distinguish itself from its competitors.

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A marketing plan template describes the customers a business is targeting using demographic and other characteristics to help a company's advertising speak directly to such customers. A marketing plan describes a company's unique selling proposition in a way that resonates with the target customers. A company's positioning should be evident from its marketing plan, and its pricing strategy must be consistent with its positioning strategy. A marketing plan must have a section on promotions that a business can use to attract new customers. Common promotional methods include television ads and press releases.

A marketing plan typically should include online advertising in order to reach the maximum number of potential customers. An online strategy should have a social media strategy and a strategy for paid advertising. A marketing plan should also include a strategy for convincing prospective customers to buy from the company. A business with offers such as free trials, discounts or money-back guarantees in its marketing plan may attract more new customers and grow faster than it would have without such offers.

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