Why Is Marketing Important?

Marketing is important for any business because it is what brings in the necessary client base to help the business grow. It is also important because it can be used as a way to build brand recognition and expand a business to different locations.

While many people think that marketing is basically advertising, it is actually much more complex. Advertising is a part of marketing, but it is only a small piece. Marketing can also include being involved in the community, providing customer support, and planning a media or public relations strategy. Determining prices for products or services, performing market research to determine how best to reach potential clients, and developing sales strategies also fall under marketing.

Another reason that marketing can be so important to a business is that it is what builds the relationship between the business and its customers. While advertising can be what brings the customer in the door, marketing and brand recognition are what keep them coming back. Marketing can also help attract the best employees to a company, which can also help strengthen the company's relationship with its clients. Companies that rely on public funding can also use marketing to raise funds and increase visibility in the community.