What Does a Marketing Director Do?

Marketing directors plan, manage and help create advertising programs for goods and services. Most either work for advertising agencies or directly for individual companies in their marketing departments.

Marketing directors may be tasked with duties, such as planning advertising and promotional campaigns, helping to develop budgets and overall marketing plans, selecting advertising media and negotiating advertising contracts. Marketing directors may also be asked to evaluate the appeal of planned advertisements or websites, conduct market research studies and analyze their results, develop pricing strategies and direct the hiring and allocation of staff in the marketing department. Marketing directors who work for advertising agencies are likely to be expected to meet with clients to advise them.

Marketing directors generally work closely with top company executives as well as with sales agents, financial staff members and art directors. These positions are full-time and generally require some overtime, especially as deadlines approach. A bachelor's degree is usually a minimum requirement for the job, as well as relevant experience in sales, purchasing, advertising or public relations. The industry overall is expected to have stable job growth until 2022, but a general shift from traditional print advertising to digital media and the managing of social media campaigns is expected to continue.