What Are Market Vectors ETFs?


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Market Vectors ETFs are exchange-traded funds offered by the investment management firm Van Eck Global and marketed under the trademarked name Market Vectors, according to Van Eck Global. They created Market Vectors ETFs in 2006 as a gold mining ETF called GDX. In 2007, they expanded their ETF line to include investments into emerging markets.

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An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a type of index fund, explains Mitch Tuchman of Forbes. It is designed to keep up with, rather than to outperform, a specific market index called a benchmark index. Unlike traditional index funds, ETFs are often traded without a commission. ETFs are popular among investors because of their lower cost and stable performance over time.

In 1955, Van Eck Global was one of the first investment managers in the United States to recommend global investing as a means for their clients to diversify their investment portfolios, as stated on Wikipedia. Currently, Market Vectors ETFs are comprised of over 50 ETFs from a variety of asset classes, particularly ones that focus on a specific target or region. In 2011, Van Eck began self-indexing their Market Vector brand by creating Market Vectors Index Solutions to become the benchmark index for all of their exchange-traded products.

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