What Are Some Free Market Research Tools?

What Are Some Free Market Research Tools?

BizStats, the Securities and Exchange Commission Filings, Zoom Prospector and mPact all provide free market research tools. Services include financial data, location planning and social media management.

BizStats offer free business statistics and financial data for various industries. Users set filters to help find financial information about other companies in similar fields that are of similar size. BizStats allows users to see the revenue potential of their businesses and to determine how much they should be spending on advertising.

The Securities and Exchange Commission Filings allows users to search annual reports and 10-K forms, which provide detailed financial information and market analysis. Many 10-K forms include the description of the business, the management discussion and market risks.

Zoom Prospector helps companies choose an optimal location based on market data provided by a network of communities. Users must answer questions about their market, business and real estate needs, and Zoom Prospector provides location suggestions based on the user's answers.

mPact is a scoring index of online influence and also tracks social media topics. Users sign in with a social media account, and mPact provides them with an influence score, what other people are saying about the user's brand, and a list of other influential social media users in the user's area of interest. mPact also provides the user with tips on increasing online visibility and influence.