What Is a Market Environment?

Market environment refers to the levels at which organizations relate to consumers. There are three stages of environments that allow for tiered focuses in terms of corporate planning and execution. Theses various landscapes allow companies to prioritize certain relationships and enhance enterprise connectivity based on different demands from target audiences.

A market environment refers to the different levels of sales and advertising focuses within a corporation. There are three separate tiers that are broken up into various foci depending on the reach of establishments and the prioritization that clients present.

The first level is micro environments and include customers who engage closely with the business. This includes people that visit a storefront directly or buy primarily through a retailer. The micro environment of each organization also refers to the internal landscape, including employees and technology that is used on a regular basis for corporate operations.

The next level is the macro environment and includes the society and geographical region in which a corporation resides. Things like demographics, shipping environments and supply chains reside in this level of corporate operations.

The final stage of market environment is the meso environment which relates to all the interlocking parts of the supply and demand infrastructure between the micro and macro strata. Facilities like resellers and public markets fall into this arena.