What Is a Market Analysis Summary?

A marketing analysis summary is a portion of a business plan that describes an industry and the owner's knowledge of the market. The summary is found after the company description in the business plan and includes conclusions and findings of the owner's research.

The specific details in the marketing analysis summary includes information on growth outlook, target market, the need for the business of potential customers and the size of the target market. Additional data found in this section includes the number of customers the business owner hopes to gain as well as the logic behind that calculation. The customer section includes the customer demographics and how the business can meet their needs.

Next, the marketing analysis describes the pricing structure, discounts and projected profits. A competitive analysis is included in this section describing any hindrances that the owner thinks he will face as he enters the market. This section also include details on how the owner plans to overcome those hindrances and obstacles. The competitors are identified as well as how those competitors will impact the growth and success of the proposed business. Lastly, the marketing analysis summary details any governmental regulatory requirements or restrictions and how the owner plans to comply with them.