How Many Trucks Are Part of the Schneider Trucking Company?

As of 2015, Schneider trucking has a fleet of 9,800 trucks, 32,350 trailers and 17,500 intermodal containers. The company employs 11,300 company drivers and an additional 2,500 owner operators, with a total of 17,450 associates worldwide.

Schneider headquarters are located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the company has 162 facilities worldwide. Schneider serves North America and China. In business since 1935, Schneider trucking has annual revenues of $3.9 billion. The company is responsible for hauling approximately 16,275 loads over 10.8 million miles every day. Intermodal rail miles add an additional 2.9 million daily travel miles. Both North American borders are crossed 520 times a day by Schneider truck and intermodal carriers.