How Many Trees Will the Arbor Day Foundation Give You for Free?

The Arbor Day Foundation gives its members 10 trees to plant as a free thank you gift for joining as of 2015. The trees are 6 to 12 inches in height and arrive during the spring or fall season along with information about the best planting times for the fledgling trees. In addition to free trees, Arbor Day Foundation members receive discounts on other trees featured in its online nursery, a subscription to the organization's magazine and a tree book.

The Arbor Day Foundation ships all 10 free trees in the same package at United States Postal Service bulk rate. Post office box addresses are eligible for delivery of trees, and if there is not enough room in the mailbox, the postal service leaves a note stating that the trees have arrived. Any changes to the shipping address must be made prior to trees being processed for delivery. The foundation ships trees only when trees are safe to ship to certain areas in the country.

Free Arbor Day Foundation trees shipped during the spring season can be planted anytime after winter frost is no longer present to late spring. Trees shipped during the fall season can be planted up until the ground is frozen solid. Members receiving free trees are helping restore vital forests being lost to cutting, burning and damage.