How Many Square Feet Should a House Be to Comfortably Fit a Family of Four?


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As of 2009, the average new home in the United States is designed with each inhabitant to have 660 square feet of usable floor space, which would amount to 2,640 square feet for a family of four, notes Shrink That Footprint. A comfortable amount of space is subjective and depends on the flow of the home, the occupants comfort level and space requirements, the height of the ceilings and the homes storage versus livable space options.

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Comfortable space within a home is relative. For instance, in Hong Kong, a person requires a smaller amount of living space, about 25 percent of the amount of the average American. The population, available space and culture of different countries make the average residential space of those country's homes vary greatly in size.

The climate of a home can be affected by the amount of inhabitants living there. For a healthy indoor climate, a residential structure is recommended to allow for 200 to 600 square feet per person, notes Engineering ToolBox. The amount of space per occupant is used to determine the human heat load as it relates to the indoor climate.

Generally, people feel more comfortable and require a certain amount of personal space, both in living and working spaces. In 2013, the average amount of work space per employee in the U.S. was 150 square feet.

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