How Many Snow Plows Does Western Products Sell?


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As of May 2015, Western Products offers 15 models of snow plows on its website, including Suburbanite personal-use plows, three Pile Driver containment plows and two Skid-Steer plows. It also sells HTS half-ton snow plows, Pro-Plow Series II, Pro Plus, Midweight and Heavyweight snow plows.

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Other snow plows offered by Western include MVP Plus, MVP 3, Prodigy and Wide-Out plows. The company made the Suburbanite for compact pickup trucks and SUVs. The Pile Driver Containment plows are for large jobs using skid-steer vehicles, backhoes or wheel loaders. The HTS is for personal and light commercial use with a half-ton pickup. The MVP Plus and MVP 3 are v-plows, while the Prodigy and Wide-Out are multi-position wing plows and adjustable wing plows, respectively. The Pro-Plow Series II and Pro-Plus plows are professional straight-blade plows.

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