How Many Free Printable IRS 1099 Forms Are There?


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There are 19 different 1099 forms available for download, according to E-file. These forms can be found and downloaded at the IRS website. Taxpayers can search for current and past year 1099 forms at IRS.gov.

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The 1099 is a series of tax forms that serve a few different purposes, explains TurboTax. The 1099-INT form is used to report a taxpayer's interest income, and this is generally issued by a financial institution in regards to interest earned from a deposit account or a CD. A 1099-C is issued if a taxpayer received debt forgiveness on a loan, and if a taxpayer sold real estate, a 1099-S is issued.

Social Security benefit recipients receive 1099 forms, as well as those who received distributions from government payments or cooperatives. The most common 1099 form issued is the 1099-MISC, which is reported to independent contractors who do not have taxes withdrawn from their pay. 1099-MISC forms are only issued to those who made over $600 in the tax year, TurboTax explains. A 1099-K form is issued if independent contractors are paid through a third-party processing system, such as Paypal. Taxpayers can expect to receive a 1099-K form if they were paid more than $20,000 through the third-party payment processor.

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