How Many Points Do You Typically Need Before You Can Redeem Them?


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The required number of points for redemption varies among different reward and customer loyalty programs. Some vendors offer rewards once points equivalent to $10 dollars are earned, while others require many more points to be earned before redemption.

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The vendor providing the points determines what the minimum number of points is for redemption. In addition, different vendors have different approximate cash values for each point. As of 2015, for example, at Best Western, as little as 500 points can be used to make a $2 donation, whereas 2,400 points are required to earn a $10 travel card. The MyPoints shopping rewards program offers $10 gift cards to various stores, but requires 1,600 to 1,700 points to redeem. The PNC Points program requires 7,500 points to get a $15 cash award, a ratio of 500 points per dollar.

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