How Many Pennies Are in $1 Million?

many-pennies-1-million Credit: Matt_Brown/E+/Getty Images

There are 100 million pennies in $1 million. Since there are 100 pennies in each dollar, multiplying 100 pennies per dollar times $1 million yields 100 million pennies.

Stacked together, 100 million pennies stretch for over 94 miles, and they weigh over 275 tons. Since 20 nickels make up $1, there are 20 million nickels in $1 million. One dollar has 10 dimes, so there are 10 million dimes in $1 million, and since four quarters make up $1, four million quarters equal $1 million. Finally, $1 is equal to two half-dollars, so two million half-dollars are the equivalent of $1 million.