How Many IRS Tax Questions Are There?


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Form 1040EZ has 14 questions for the 2014 tax year, as reported by the IRS. The form 1040A for taxpayers with dependents has 51 questions. Additional forms are needed for applying for certain credits and deductions, and these forms have additional questions.

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The most commonly used forms are the 1040EZ and 1040A for individual and joint filers, as explained by the IRS. Each tax question is numbered, and some questions have several sections asking for additional information. Every year's tax forms are subject to change and may have more or fewer questions. Schedule C, used by self-employed tax payers, has 44 questions for 2014 filers.

Business filers have a longer return with many more deductions and credits available than individual and joint filers. Organizations with more than $10 million in revenue, as stated by the IRS, are required to file online, and these applications have several hundred questions. Smaller companies and self-employed individuals may file a combination of individual return forms and business-specific tax credits. The number of questions depends on the size of the organization, annual revenue and type of business structure. These applications are significantly more complex than individual returns and vary tremendously in the total number of questions.

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