Why do the many different types of Millenials make them hard to market to?


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Marketing to the many different types of Millenials is a challenge because they come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and their age range puts them at different stages of life. They grew up in an era with plenty of options for their life path, so each has different needs and values.

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As of February 2015, Millenials are the most diverse generation, with the lowest percentage of whites among the population. The Millennial generation is also the largest generation in terms of population size. Since each ethnic background emphasizes different cultural values, the diversity of the Millenials makes it difficult for markets to target specific values.

The different life stages of Millenials means certain advertisements can target a segment of the Millennial population, but not all of them. Since the generation encompasses almost 20 birth years, some Millenials are still living at home, others are starting their own lives and others are raising families. The many options Millenials had growing up also allowed them to choose their own unique life paths, many of which don't follow traditions such as getting married or buying a house.

The common thread between Millennials' values is happiness. Millennials tend to value their own happiness above traditions, and look for products and services that improve their quality of life.

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