Why Are There so Many Different Company Names to Choose From?


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Entrepreneurs and business people often name companies after some feature or product they offer, which leads to many company name options, especially for large companies. Those starting a company should choose a unique name that captures the company's main characteristics and is easy to search for on the Internet.

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Because the number of products and services a company can offer is almost endless, the potential list of names is similarly vast. Entrepreneurs need to downsize the list to focus on the most competitive names. After considering trademark issues, the number of possible company names can downsize considerably. Entrepreneurs can invest in company-naming experts who can guide them through trademark issues and help them develop unique names that capture a business' main selling points. As many names have trademarks, coining a new name can be an effective way to bypass trademark risks.

There are several generic names for companies. However, choosing a name that uniquely defines the company makes the name choosing process both simpler and more profitable. A name that provides direct appeal to a company's target customer base helps generate business.

Entrepreneurs can also shorten their list of potential names by utilizing key words that give the name a strong performance on top search engines such as Google and Bing. By using keywords that reflect the business' distinctive products or services, Web users searching for those products or services are more likely to find its website.

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