How Do You Find Manufacturing Assembly Jobs?

How Do You Find Manufacturing Assembly Jobs?

Job search and career advice specialty websites, such as, are good starting points when searching for jobs as assemblers or fabricators. Jobseekers also have the option of posting their resumes and cover letters on the website for prospective employers. As of May 2014, the mean annual wage for assemblers and fabricators in the United States is $28,730, notes

There are more than 230,000 assemblers and fabricators employed in the United States as of May 2014, with motor vehicle and furniture manufacturing industries being among the top-paying employers for the occupation, states The state of California has the highest employment level, while Alaska is the top-paying state for assemblers and fabricators.

The following steps show how to search for manufacturing assembly occupations via

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type into an Internet browser window and press enter.

  3. Use the search tool
  4. The search tool is located on the upper portion of the site's home page. Type "assembler" into the Search for Jobs field. Type a city, state or ZIP code to narrow down the search with a specific location, and then click on the Search button.

  5. Search through the results
  6. Click on the link to the job posting to view more information about the job or to apply for the job opening.