Who Manufactures Solvent Trap Suppressors?


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The two major manufacturers of solvent trap suppressors are Remington and Ruger. Gun owners can order solvent trap suppressors directly through these manufacturers via the websites or at a retail location.

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Another popular manufacturer of solvent trap compressors is Maglite. Remington, Ruger and Maglite solvent trap suppressors can also be found through distributors, including DSG, RSR Group, Ellett Brothers and Strategic Armory Corps. Gun owners looking for used solvent trap compressors can find them on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon or from a specialty shop.

However, individuals need to be wary of any illegal solvent trap compressor sales. By law, purchasing and using illegal, cheap thread adapters is a felony. This is why it is crucial for gun owners to seek this product directly through a manufacturer or a licensed professional. This can be found on the Internet, but buyers should read the product details and seller information before making a purchase.

Ranging from used to new, solvent trap compressors can cost anywhere from $16 to $100. Buyers need to check the make and model of the gun before purchasing a legal solvent trap suppressor to ensure usability. Gun owners with any questions regarding solvent trap compressors should consult either the gun manufacturer or a local gun professional.

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