What Manufacturers Make Wind Turbines?


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As of 2015, General Electric, Northern Power Systems, Urban Green Energy and Clipper Windpower are among the manufacturers of wind turbines. These companies also have websites detailing their products and energy services, and some include media galleries that show photos of their wind turbine products.

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As of 2015, General Electric makes wind turbines that range from 1.7 MW to 3.2 MW, including the 1.7-100/103 Turbine, 1.85-87 Turbine, 1.85-82.5 Turbine, 2.75-120 Turbine and 2.0 - 2.4 Platform. The 1.7-100/103 Turbine works for areas with low wind speed, and the 1.85-87 Turbine is suited for high wind speed regions. The 1.85-82.5 Turbine is for Class S winds, and the 2.75-120 Turbine is suited for Class III winds. Customers can customize the 2.0 - 2.4 Platform.

Northern Power Systems manufactures the NPS 100C, NPS 60 and the NPS 2.x. Urban Green Energy is based in the United States, but operates in more than a dozen countries worldwide. Products include small wind turbines such as the VISIONAIR3, VISIONAIR5, UGE-9M and HOYI!. As of 2015, the VisionAIR3 is the quietest certified turbine on the planet, and the other products are also quiet.

Clipper Windpower is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and also provides wind turbine repairs.

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