Which Manufacturers Make Mini Hay Balers?

Messick's and Agriquip Machinery make mini hay balers. Messicks offers two varieties, a pull-behind baler and a table baler. Agriquip manufactures several varieties of mini round and roll balers that make bales wrapped in twine or netting.

The table baler from Messick's runs on any hydraulic power source, and makes 4.5-by-6-inch bales from straw or hay. Its pull-type baler makes larger 8-by-11-inch bales directly in the field. Star's roll balers make bales 20 by 28 inches, and its round baler makes 15-by-24-inch rounds.

Small farmers use mini hay balers to make hay bales on a smaller scale for storage or for sale for pet food. Others make mini hay bales to sell to craft stores for decoration.