How Do You Get Manufacturer Vouchers for Free Products?

To get manufacturer vouchers for free products, call the manufacturer's customer service center with a compliment, complaint, question or request. Many companies publish a toll-free number for customers on their websites or product packaging.

Many manufacturers reward customers for brand loyalty with vouchers for free products and money-saving coupons. Call the manufacturer of the product you love, and describe why you love the product. The company may offer coupons to ensure that customers continue to enjoy the product or to encourage them to try other company products.

Call the manufacturer if the product does not deliver on a promise, breaks prematurely or under-performs. This may result in a refund, replacement, or coupons or vouchers. The manufacturer may also change the formula or product in the future, especially for common complaints.

Call the manufacturer with product questions that the instruction booklet or packaging do not address. The questions may be about how long a product should last, how to store a product properly or how to operate the product safely. In addition to clearing up any confusion, the call may also result in a new replacement product, a recipe booklet, or coupons and vouchers.

Call the manufacturer with a suggestion to improve the product. This may include a slight alteration to the product, an added safety feature, an alternative scent or a differently shaped bottle. This helps to create a good relationship with the manufacturer and may result in a voucher. Calling the company directly often results in savings offers that do not appear online, in stores on in newspapers.