Where Are the Best Manufactured Homes Made?


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The dominant player in the manufactured housing industry is Clayton Homes, which also owns two banks that provide customers with in-house financing, according to The Grissim Guides. Other well-known manufactured home builders include Express Modular, Blu Homes, Modular Direct, Champion Homes, Nationwide Homes, Icon Legacy, Wardcraft and Cavco homes.

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As of 2015, the number of manufactured housing producers has drastically declined since the Great Recession and housing bust of 2008, The Grissim Guides notes. In 2008, there were 60 manufactured home builders across America producing prefabricated homes out of 193 facilities. As of 2014, those numbers dwindled to just 43 manufacturers producing homes out of 122 facilities. The 2014 market was dominated by three builders and their subsidiaries, which control 68 percent of the market collectively. Clayton Homes controls 41 percent, Champion Home Builders controls 15 percent, and Cavco Industries controls 12 percent.

The average cost for a manufactured home in the Unites States as of 2015, excluding land, is $41,100 for single-section homes and $75,000 for multi-section homes, observes The Grissim Guides. Prices vary by region, with the Northeast and Mountain West being the most expensive, and the Midwest, Southeast and Pacific West being less costly. Much of this difference is because of demographics. For example, the average manufactured home cost in California is $30,000 more than in Texas. This is because the manufactured home market in Texas is dominated by entry-level buyers. In contrast, California's market has a large percentage of wealthier buyers who choose upgraded models.

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