How Do You Get Your Manufactured Home Appraised?


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Obtain an appraisal for a manufactured home by locating an appraiser that specializes in that type of property or by reaching out to a general home apprising company and requesting an agent that understands the market and construction methods. The general process for appraising such a home resembles that of a traditional home, though some homes may not qualify for appraisal for the purpose of specific loans or other actions.

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When seeking an appraisal for a manufactured home, the owner should begin by contacting a general home appraiser or appraising firm and asking if they work with that type of property. In some cases, a manufactured home may qualify as standard real property if it is of a certain size and has a permanent foundation. If the firm does not work with manufactured homes, it may recommend other firms or appraisers that specialize in that area.

A manufactured home differs from a traditional home in that a company builds it in a factory and ships it to a plot of land rather than building it directly on the land through a standard foundation. As such, the appraisal process calls for additional knowledge of the unique features of a manufactured home, such as the types of materials commonly used in the construction or how the home connects to the foundation or service lines. The appraiser also needs to understand the local market for manufactured homes in order to set an appropriate price for the unit.

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