Who Manages the Caesars Employee Payroll?

Who Manages the Caesars Employee Payroll?

The Caesars Entertainment Corporation employee payroll is managed by DocAgent. Employees can log into their DocAgent My Payroll account to get W2 and payroll information. They can also log into their accounts to update their contact information and change their direct deposit settings.

An employee's DocAgent user ID is his nine-digit employee 800 number. For first-time users, their password is the first two letters of their last name in capital letters and the last four digits of their Social Security number. For instance, if an employee's name is Jane Doe and her Social Security number is 981-76-5432, her initial password is DO5432.

Employees who experience problems logging into their account should contact their supervisor or manager. If they need further assistance, they can call 866-955-7975, as of October 2015.

DocAgent makes it easy for employees to update or change their address and other contact information. They can also enroll in or change their direct deposit accounts through this portal. Employees can also change their settings to receive pay stubs electronically.

To view their pay stubs, employees must install Acrobat Reader on their computers. Employees should note that payment vouchers may appear on their DocAgent account before the actual pay date. However, funds are only deposited into their account on payday.