Why Is Managerial Feedback so Important in an Organization?


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Managerial feedback is important in a business organization because it allows employees to receive direction on the quality of their work and how to make modifications for improvement. This in turn promotes self-reflection among workers and creates an environment in which all members of the company strive to make positive changes to make the company more efficient and profitable.

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Without managerial feedback, an employee may have no idea about the quality of her work and thus may be unable to identify methods and areas that need improvement. This can lead to poor performance overall, a lack of motivation in the role and lower returns for the company. As such, it is important for a manager to regularly meet with an employee to discuss the nature of her work and provide direct feedback on her performance level, combining praise with constructive criticism. This allows the employee to preserve her positive traits and identify the areas that she may change in order to better serve the company.

Managerial feedback should be part of a larger employee evaluation and review system that includes a schedule for the sessions and a structure for developing and delivering the information. This enables managers to grade employees on a standard set of criteria that directly relates to the company's goals and core areas of importance. It also helps prevent employees from feeling that the feedback is coming in the form of a reprimand.

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