What Do Management Recruiters Do?


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A management recruiter's duties involve reviewing resumes and conducting phone interviews with managerial job candidates. Recruiters also initiate background checks, verify credentials and check applicant references on behalf of the potential employer. Management recruiters work on behalf of various companies, searching for qualified candidates to fill executive positions at those companies.

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Management recruiters typically work for executive recruitment firms and are often referred to as "head hunters" within the employment industry. Usually assigned to work with a specific client company, the management recruiter is in charge of the entire recruitment process for specific management positions. Management recruiters often help shape job descriptions that bring in qualified applicants. A recruiter must pre-screen all applicants and then select the best applicants to move on to the next step of the recruitment process. Recruiters spend a lot of time on the phone with job applicants, which means they must be effective communicators.

Phone interviews allow recruiters to learn more details about each candidate and get a feel for their personalities. After selecting a candidate, the management recruiter must switch gears and enter salary and benefits negotiations. Recruiters must know current employment laws and abide by those laws during the recruitment and hiring process.

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