How Do You Manage Your ADP Card?


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To manage an ADP card, Visa says to understand the fees associated with the card. View the fee schedule on the card by logging into the ADP card management navigation screen.

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People successfully use and manage an ADP card when they keep up-to-date on fees, Visa claims. View the fee schedule on an ADP card by visiting MyCard.adp.com. Log in to the account with the username and password associated with the card. After logging in, find the fee schedule section on the left side of the navigation column. View recent fee schedules to determine how much is owed on the card, or how much is charged to the card every month.

Visa suggests calling the phone number on the back of the ADP card to ask about fees associated with the card. Customer service representatives do not charge for questions about fees by phone.

The card is an alternative to paychecks, according to ADP. It is a reloadable, pre-paid card. Users have paychecks automatically deposited onto the card. Card owners receive pay statements every time money is deposited onto the card. They also receive Visa statements by mail every month that detail in an itemized list what the card was used for throughout the month. Employers do not have access to purchases made by employees who use an ADP card.

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