Which of Malcolm Berko's Stock Picks Have Ended up Successful?

As of 2015, Malcolm Berko has been a business columnist for a greater part of the last three decades. During this time, he experienced considerable success with various stock picks. These include Biomet and Amgen, among several others, reports Malcolm Berko for The Columbian.

In the 1990s, Berko recommended 10 medical stocks, including Biomet and Amgen, with the potential to reach higher averages than the Dow Jones, provided all their dividends were reinvested. Individuals who invested in these stocks and held on to them have seen tremendous growth in the value of their stocks with some having grown tenfold based on figures presented by Berko in his article for The Columbian. Amgen was acquired by Zimmer Holdings and operates under the new name. Apart from Zimmer and Amgen, Malcolm Berko also has the following medical stocks on his list of successful stock picks: Baxter International, Medtronic, Varian Medial Systems, Cardinal Health and The Cooper Companies.

In addition to the above-mentioned stocks, Berko singles out various drug and pharmaceutical manufacturers whose stock performance has been impressive and continues to be impressive due to the prohibitive cost of pills. These are Barr Laboratories, Watson Pharmaceuticals and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, according to Berko for the Daily Journal of Commerce.