How Do You Make a Zales Credit Card Payment?

How Do You Make a Zales Credit Card Payment?

Make a payment on a Zales credit card account by visiting Zales and logging into an account. Customers must have registered Zales accounts or create accounts to make payments, according to the Zales website.

Zales offers several account management features online, according to the company's website. To make a payment on a Zales card, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to the Zales website and click on the "Pay Bill" link located under the "Zales Credit Card" heading.

  3. Create or login to an account
  4. Enter a user ID and password combination on the page that redirects. Tick the "Remember my ID" box to avoid keying in the user ID on subsequent visits. Zales warns visitors not to select the option to remember login details if the user is using a public computer. After providing account sign-on details, use the drop-down "Take Me To" menu to select "Make a payment." Click on the "Sign On" radio button. Alternatively, create an account by clicking the "Register Now" radio button.

  5. Follow the prompts
  6. On the payment screen, follow the prompts to enter payment information and submit a payment.

  7. Explore other account management options
  8. If desired, explore other account management options by returning to the sign-on screen and clicking the applicable option from the drop-down menu. Options include viewing account activity, going to the account home page and requesting a credit line increase.