How Do You Make a Worker's Comp Claim to Sedgwick?


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Even if you know that Sedgwick is your employer's claim administrator, to file a workers' compensation claim, start by contacting your employer's internal human resources department and requesting a claim form. Your employer provides you with a form and forwards your claim to Sedgwick for claim administration or provides you with your employer's representative at Sedgwick for you to forward the claim for yourself.

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Sedgwick is a third-party claims management service. Sedgwick handles injury and damage claims on behalf of other companies. It operates like an insurance company in the way that claims are managed and paid; however, Sedgwick is not an insurance company. Sedgwick approves and values claims, but the employer that hired it pays the amounts Sedgwick suggests to the injured/damaged party.

When you make a workers' compensation claim, you need to make the claim to your employer, who then sends your claim to Sedgwick. If you have already gone through this process and have not heard from Sedgwick, you can contact Sedgwick directly via the contact information on its website.

Once your employer forwards your claim to Sedgwick, one of its representatives contacts you. You are interviewed over the phone and have to fill out and mail forms relating to your injury, ability to work, and recovery time and potential. Additionally, you are likely to be asked to see a qualified medical examiner, who verifies your injuries and the causation of the injuries.

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