How Do You Make a Water Utility Payment Online?


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Most banks provide an online payment system for their clients to make utility payments and transfer funds to third parties. To pay your water bill in New York City, register for a DEP account, save your payment information and authorize your bank to pay the amount due.

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How Do You Make a Water Utility Payment Online?
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The exact procedure for making a water utility payment online depends on the city you live in and your service provider.

To make a water utility payment, log on to your bank's website and register for an account. When you create an account, you can authorize payments to your utility service provider. You can also automate your bill deductions and set the maximum amount that your bank can pay.

To pay your water bill, you need to know your meter number and the account number of your utility provider. Most service providers have a website that guides first-time clients through the process of setting online accounts and settling bills. In New York City, registering for a DEP account allows you to automate and consolidate bill payments.

Online utility payments save money for users and help save the environment by eliminating the need for paper bills. Online utility accounts also send users email alerts for due bills and ensure that they do not miss a payment.

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