How Do You Make Use of Starwood Employee Discounts?

Starwood employees can make use of the employee discount program for reservations at participating resorts and properties, known as the StarHOT program, by booking stays through the company's corporate site and providing employee identification details during reservation. Employees can also access product discounts by logging into the Starwood page on, as of 2015.

The StarHOT program allows employees of the Starwood corporation, along with immediate family members such as spouses or children, to book stays at numerous properties within the Starwood brand at a discounted rate of $49, $69 or $89, as of 2015. The service requires employees to conduct a search for a specific property or destination within a set of dates through the corporate page of This returns all available openings at participating locations with the applicable discounted rate. Employees may also be able to access special rates with additional features, such as a Starwood Associate Relief Fund HOT Rate, which donates $1 to an employee relief fund.

The employee discount purchasing program requires employees to register with to access special bulk discount prices on items such as electronics, movie tickets, cars and restaurants. The registration process involves providing the employee's name, email address and employee identification number in order to verify employment status. After creating an account, the employee can browse through a selection of items or access products from more than 30,000 different merchants to find discounts.