How Do You Make a Tender Document?

How Do You Make a Tender Document?

A tender document or request for tender is a contract where the specific details of the job's background, requirements, limits and price are outlined in writing, reports How To Guides 365. To write a tender document, access a template online or follow the guidelines.

A tender is a procedure for obtaining competing offers from bidders to win a job, defines BusinessDictionary. In order to write a tender document:

  1. Write the quotation
  2. The first document features the quotation or outline of the job. The quotation includes the basis of the tender, background of the work, provisions of materials and time of delivery of the product or service. It also includes the allocation of errors and responsible parties and the time frame in which the bid is valid.

  3. Address the terms and conditions
  4. The terms and conditions can be standard or specific, covering issues and procedures in regard to any parts of the quotation and how those will be handled.

  5. Include the letter of agreement
  6. The letter of agreement can be broad or specific. It outlines the cost, timeline and payment terms and expectations.