How Do You Make a Template for a Treasurer's Report?


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A treasurer's report must contain an overall balance from the last report, any money gained since the previous report, and any spending that has occurred since the previous report. At the end of the report, a new balance should be listed. Many websites offer free templates that are compatible with Microsoft Excel.

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Because the chief job of a treasurer is to track money coming into and out of any organization, it is important for templates to cover all changes in an organization's monetary balances. Any template created must contain basic spending, basic income, and balances that are available for the organization's use.

PeakWriting.com offers a step-by-step guide on how to create a template as a treasurer's report for your organization. Its guide includes additional categories that give year-to-date information and budget data to track if your organization is over or under budget.

Scribd.com offers a basic outline that most organizations can use without needing advanced software to compute balances. This outline includes basic information such as balance as of last meeting, spending and earnings since last meeting, and an area to list a current balance. This does require computing totals by hand, but is simple to download and requires no additional software.

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