How Do I Make a Survey?


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Creating a survey involves a four-step survey content development process, which includes simplicity, scales, consistency and an explanation for the survey. Survey questions are formatted as open-ended or close-ended. Using an online survey creation resource, such as SurveyMonkey.com, saves time and provides several questionnaire style options.

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Creating an effective survey requires putting some thought into every aspect of survey design. Your survey should be simple for respondents to complete and take no longer than 15 minutes of their time. Each survey question must only focus on one idea, because too many ideas creates confusion. Good survey questions are clear and easy to interpret. Use language that is familiar to your respondents and avoid the temptation to get overly technical.

When writing questions be aware of grammatical errors and never use industry jargon that respondents are not likely to know. Steer clear of incorporating bias into questions, because this can defeat the purpose of your survey. A good way to avoid bias is to write questions without including your personal opinion. Questions must have an even-handed tone that encourages respondents to share their true feelings about a subject.

Regardless of what questions are asked, it's always a good idea to explain why it's important for respondents to participate in the survey. For instance, a customer feedback survey helps to improve customer service.

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