How Do You Make a Sheet of Labels?

How Do You Make a Sheet of Labels?

A sheet of labels may be compiled in Microsoft Word by accessing the built-in templates via the Mailings tab. These include recipient and return address labels, labels for compact discs or DVDs and gift tags. The same feature can also be used to compile a set of business cards.

This guide is for creating address labels specifically, but steps 2 to 4 are applicable to the creation of other types of label as well.

  1. Access the label templates
  2. Start Microsoft Word on a blank document and click on the Mailings tab. Select Create and click on Labels, then enter or select from Outlook an address.

  3. Choose full page or single label
  4. In the Print subsection, select either the Full page of the same label or the Single label option. If printing unique labels individually, follow this same process to select the desired location of each on the sheet before printing.

  5. Select label brand
  6. To ensure the labels print within the sheet dimensions, click Options and select the corresponding stationery brand from the Label vendors field. Locate and select the correct product number.

  7. Print
  8. When satisfied with the content and printer settings of the labels, click OK and return to the document. Then click Print, ideally after double-checking the layout in Print Preview.