How Do You Make a Sallie Mae Payment Online?

How Do You Make a Sallie Mae Payment Online?

Account holders can make online payments to Sallie Mae accounts by logging into the Sallie Mae website, selecting the loan and setting the amount that they wish to pay. An online Sallie Mae account is required in order to do this.

If the Sallie Mae account holder does not have an online account, he will need to register for one before online payments can be made. Once registered, he can log in and view the loans associated with the account. The account holder will need to select the loan in which he wishes to pay.

The next stage involves indicating the bank account that the payment should be made from. This can be from a bank account that is already registered in the account holder's online account, or new bank account details can be entered.

The account holder also has to specify how much he wants to pay. There is a default amount, which is equal to the payment due, but the account holder can override this by selecting "Other Amount." He can then enter an amount that is more or less than the default amount due.

Finally, the account holder has the option of making the payment immediately, or scheduling it for the future. The payment can be scheduled for up to 60 days in advance.