How Do You Make Your Resume Stand Out?

An applicant can make his resume stand out by carefully utilizing current industry keywords, formatting the resume for a specific position, reading over the resume for errors and including a cover letter with the resume. An applicant should make his resume longer than a single page if necessary.

Using current industry keywords and buzzwords should be done only if those words naturally fit into the resume, otherwise the applicant risks looking as though the words were stuffed in as much as possible. Rather than submitting the exact same resume for several different positions, Business Insider recommends tailoring the resume to fit the position's job description, qualifications and experience requirements.

Reading over the resume before submitting it can eliminate several errors and ensures the resume flows well. While reading over the resume, the applicant should ensure that all the most important information is found near the top of the resume or at least on the first page if the resume contains multiple pages.

A human resources representative might expect to see a cover letter accompanying a resume. Business Insider notes that the representative might not even look at the resume if there isn't a cover letter to go with it. A cover letter should always be submitted with the resume unless there are specific instructions not to include a cover letter.