How Do I Make a Rental Lease to Print?

How Do I Make a Rental Lease to Print?

To make a rental lease to print, use a word processing program to type an agreement onto a blank document. Ensure that the lease agreement you type provides all the required information, and then print.

  1. Open a blank document

    Open a blank document using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

  2. State the parties

    Begin typing your rental agreement by stating the parties involved in the lease agreement. Use the terms "landlord" and "tenant," but leave a space to write in the specific names of each party.

  3. Identify the property

    List the specific street address of the home being rented.

  4. Outline the terms of the lease

    Outline the terms of the lease including the starting and ending dates, as well as how much rent is due each month and when. Include a pet policy along with all fees associated with late payment of the rent.

  5. Acknowledge that signatures make the lease binding

    Make a statement stating that a signature signifies agreement to the terms of the lease and make the contract binding.

  6. Create a place for dates and signatures

    Leave a space or create a place for the landlord and tenant to both sign and date the lease.

  7. Hook up a printer

    Make sure a printer is hooked up to the computer, or follow the proper procedure to hook one up.

  8. Print the rental agreement

    Print the agreement. All parties involved should receive a copy.